Appreciated Securities

If you are holding marketable securities with long-term capital gains, you may want to contribute shares of stock, rather than cash.

If you have owned the security for more than a year, the charitable deduction is the current market value of the security, and you avoid federal income tax on the long-term capital gain.

Gifts of appreciated securities can be arranged to transfer to Main Line School Night using the DTC (Depository Trust Company).

Please follow the steps below to donate your gift of appreciated stock:

  1. You, your broker, or your trust officer should contact Executive Director Wendy Greenfield ( or 610.687.0460) to alert us at least 24 hours prior to the transfer so MLSN can advise WSFS Wealth Investments to accept the delivery of your gift.
  2. Contact your investment advisor with the following information so that they can execute the electronic transfer of your appreciated stock to MLSN:
    • DTC number: 0226
    • Account number: H2Y349856
    • Account name: Main Line School Night Association
    • Phone number: 484.905.6894
    • Contact name: Bryan McNamara
  3. Email Wendy Greenfield at once completed, including the specifics of the securities being transferred (stock name, share quantity, and the date the request was made to your broker). Wendy will then contact WSFS Wealth Investments to confirm receipt.
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