Main Line School Night of Radnor, Pennsylvania, has won an International Award
in lifelong learning for its Print Brochure by the Learning Resources Network
(LERN), the largest association in lifelong learning in the world.
The award for 2022 was only one of seventeen given at LERN’s big annual
conference this year, attended by 1,755 professionals in lifelong learning from all
over the United States and Canada.
“The award is for innovation in the field of lifelong learning and serving
communities,” stated LERN President William A. Draves. “These awards enhance
the quality and involvement in lifelong learning, an absolutely critical component
to individual and community quality of life and prosperity, especially now.”
“With more than 100 award nominations every year, gaining an International
Award is an outstanding achievement,” Draves said.
In announcing the award, Draves noted: “The Main Line print brochure was
excellent. It had color, images, and good white space. We liked the Master Classes
page, a great concept. And the page promoting their Open House was nicely done.”
LERN serves over 800 organizations throughout the United States and Canada that
are engaged in providing lifelong learning programming and continuing education
to their communities.
For more information, feel free to contact Roy Singleton, Learning Resources
Network (LERN),, phone 800-678-5376 M-F 9-6 ET, or live chat at

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